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Eureka Springs Hospital is Carroll County's first critical access hospital.

We are a small 15 bed hospital but we truly have a big heart —our community, the patients
we serve our friends and relatives —and even if you are just visiting Eureka Springs
—you'll be treated like family!

Eureka Springs Hospital is dedicated to expanding our services and bringing the best in health care to
this community. We strive daily to keep our patients close to home as they face illness, post surgical
recovery or rehabilitative efforts. Eureka Springs Hospital is here for you and because of you.
Thank you and let us know what we can do to better serve you.

Eureka Springs Hospital offers the following services:
                             • 24-Hour Emergency Room Services
                             • Inpatient Rehabilitation
                             • Outpatient Surgery and Procedures
                             • General Surgery and Endoscopy
                             • Dermatology Clinic
                             • Urology Clinic
                             • Physical Therapy
                             • Laboratory
                             • Respiratory Therapy
                             • Pain Management and Clinic
                             • Radiology
                             • CT Scan
                             • Ultrasound
                             • Bone Density Testing
                             • Flouroscopy


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