The Eureka Springs Hospital Laboratory is a fully-equipped lab staffed with professional technicians who can quickly and efficiently handle all of your diagnostic laboratory needs onsite.

What sets our lab apart centers on the highly-trained professional staff which gives the highest attention to even the smallest detail. We may be a small hospital, but we have a big stake in delivering quality health care to you. And, it’s that personal care to do the job right the first time that makes all the difference and why you can rely on the Eureka Springs Hospital.

You get immediate, accurate results fast, to allow your primary care physician timely information which can help diagnose and treat you. Prompt, accurate testing is at the core of our commitment to quality care for you.

Our lab is CLIA certified and has a fully-functioning blood bank. The Eureka Springs Hospital lab also contracts with local businesses to provide them with pre-employment testing. The modern equipment in the Eureka Spring Hospital lab means you get high-quality lab services comparable to any hospital lab in any major urban hospital, but closer to home, from a staff where personal care and attention to detail makes all the difference.

All laboratory technicians are ASCP Certified, and are committed 24/7 to report accurate and reliable results with the highest attention to detail. The lab is, essentially, quality control on the entire population outcome. This means you can count on quality lab results when your health is at stake and moments count.

The lab’s commitment to quality care is most evident during the busy tourist season here in Eureka Springs, when the population of the city baloons ten times the local population between May and October.

The Eureka Springs Hospital Lab rises to the occassion, because patients from out-of-town can be confident not only that their tests will be performed accurately on the premises, but also that their test results will be immediately forwarded confidentially direct to their primary care physician anywhere in the world, to speed their care, their treatment and their recovery.

Dr. Thomas Whiteside, MD, and Dr. Carolyn Crook, Ph.D., oversee all operations of the lab.

So whether you are a local resident in need of physician-ordered personal lab tests, emergency care while you are visiting Eureka Springs on vacation or business, or you run a local business and need employee-testing services, the Eureka Springs Hospital Lab is here to serve you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.